Episode III


It is a time of change. The founders of the rebel settlement known as By Owner Real Estate have left, taking their agents with them. After fighting off fleets of brokers seeking their honed skills, the rebels broke through the blockade surrounding their settlement and made their way to the safe harbor of PureWest in the Empire of Christie's International Real Estate.

During their escape, the rebels' spies managed to steal the secret plans to the Dark Side’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH*To*Property*Rights*STAR, which has the power to obliterate property rights as we know them. As the rebel fleet raced against time, they realized that if they could get to PureWest safely, they and the agents who were already there would have a chance to restore the opportunity and freedom that property ownership affords.

The rebels' time in space was not wasted. They were in constant communication with PureWest and formed a battle plan to unite the agents from By Owner with the agents from PureWest under the common banner of the Empire of Christie's International Real Estate before they arrived.

Upon their arrival they were welcomed with open arms and everyone resolved to accept nothing less than victory in the ongoing war to bring their clients the highest level of professional service as they seek to further the American dream .....